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Our organization appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you. Your contribution helps us to provided for the physical and spiritual needs in our local communities. Please consider giving a financial donation to further the ministry at Hope's Outlet.



Please consider donating your gently used items to Hope’s Outlet! Your donations help those in need in your local community. We ask that the items you donate are in great condition for the next owner to enjoy them. We receive donations at all locations during business hours. You may also call our dispatch number (616-638-2335), if you would like to schedule a free pickup for your items.

Items we accept:

Artwork. Accessories. Automobiles. Antiques. Books. Clothing. Computers. Collectibles. CDs. Working electronic items. Furniture. Games. Household items. Linens. Lamps. Movies. Musical instruments. Records. Rugs. Sports equipment. Shoes. Jewelry. Working flat screen TVs. Tools. Toys… and MORE!

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